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Have you ever wondered why so many people shop online? Since the pandemic hit, more people and businesses have resorted to selling their products on the internet.

It turns out that 83% of people say the ease of placing an order is the most important part of shopping online. You might be wondering what else makes online shopping and My Heart’s Desire (MHD), an online shopping center, so important.  

In this blog, we have created a list of seven reasons why you should shop online with MHD, now more than ever before. Continue reading to find out how we can make your next online shopping experience your best.

1. Convenience

Buying items online can be done in under five minutes on your computer, or even your phone while on the go. Placing mobile orders for pick-up or delivery is becoming more convenient for everyone. Instead of waiting in lines to get in the store, you can easily search for the product you want and make a purchase all in the span of a couple minutes.

This is even easier when you shop on My Heart’s Desire. Our website is easy to access, navigate, and make all your purchases. It gives you all the information you need to make your decision and more. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, providing every little detail on our site.

Co-Founder Timi explains, “when customers are on the platform, they see products that can just give them a little bit of happiness and convenience in their lives. And through the groundwork we have done to curate and authenticate all products they don’t need to worry about spending countless hours reading through multiple different online reviews. We are simply going to make everything super convenient for them, authenticate the products for them, and just grant them their hearts desires.”

2. Quality

Shopping online at MHD guarantees your happiness with our refund and full-satisfaction policies. We trust that people who shop with us are honest, and so if you feel disappointed by the level of quality you received with any purchase, MHD has no issues with refunding your money. We believe that your satisfaction over the long run is the most important part of your experience with us.

As we grow in the future, we are first and foremost continuing to build our quality and assurance team that will heavily review every product that will be going on our site. This will continue to be a detailed and rigorous process to ensure all products meet our high-quality standard, and also all our vendors continue to be deemed as trustworthy. 

We want the review section to be a “nice to have” not a “need to have” to eliminate the time-consuming parts of reading through comments and watching video reviews. We want our customers to feel like we have already done the hardest part of the job for them, so if there are no reviews yet on a product, you don’t have to feel scared or unsure.

3. Variety

The vision for MHD is to become a virtual shopping mall offering a variety of top-quality, unique products from vendors all across the world at affordable prices. All of our products are chosen to solve the problems our customers face every day. From beauty and skincare products, to products for your home, pet, and gifts for your loved ones. By offering up to 37 unique products in our first year, we believe we will make an impact on your online shopping needs, and will only grow from there.

If there is ever a product that you want us to review and feature on our platform, please submit a request to our Quality Control Team by emailing us at sales@shopmyheartsdesire.com.

4. Accessibility

All products sold on My Heart’s Desire will be sold at affordable prices so you can enjoy them no matter your budget. We also offer free shipping to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with plans of expanding to more countries. This means that you can get all your desires delivered to you, no matter where life takes you. We are inspired to build a platform that can serve millions across the world.

5. Security

With the rise of e-commerce, there has been a number of questionable platforms which have sprung up. Platforms that pose high-security risks and lack in verifying their vendors or products they offer. Well, if you have fallen victim to these platforms you’re not alone. Our co-founders, Maggie and Timi who have dealt with this firsthand know exactly how it feels to be let down by a company they trusted and the pain of having ordered a product that didn't look or work as-advertise. At MHD, we want our customers to be comfortable shopping on our platform, knowing your payment is being processed securely through Stripe, PayPal, Shop PayCoinbase etc. and also all products on the platform has been authenticated. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your item, you will be refunded in full.

6. Unique Products

We hope that when you are shopping on MHD’s website, you see products that can provide a little bit of happiness and convenience in your life.  As a team, we are excited to curate and offer the best products on our platform and through data would love to see which one is loved the most by our customer. So much so, we have a product of the month section on our home page which will feature the best product on the site each month based on its uniqueness and satisfaction ratings. Want to see our first “Product of the Month”? Click this link to see what our founders and customers are raving about.7. Community

Our founders, Maggie and Timi, are really big about building and elevating the community, supporting and giving back as much as possible. Not only is community a priority, but it is also a necessity.  Building a loyal community that is filled with love and trust is extremely key to us as a company, as such, we have various policies that allow us to give back to our customers and the community at large. Every time our customers make a purchase they are rewarded with a 5 - 7.5% back in loyalty hearts through our rewards program and can redeem this towards future purchases. Also, 10% of our yearly profits will be donated to multiple philanthropic organizations around the world as part of our commitment to being a force for good. We plan not to stop here and will keep innovating and thinking of more ways to give back and continue to grow our community.

Have you heard the story behind MHD’s name? Read about the inspiration and meaning of this company here!

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