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Every household should have that staple piece of art, furniture, or product that can spark up a conversation, bring joy to you on a daily basis, and leave your guests amazed.

This is exactly what our co-founders, Maggie and Timi, feel about this month’s featured product.  

“It is definitely a conversation starter in any social setting. For us, it has been the Holy Grail of all our products” stated Timi when explaining his excitement for the Custom Engraved Photo Light.

When you buy this Custom Engraved Photo Light, you choose to receive or give a thoughtful memory that will literally light up any room. Both practical and beautiful, this product serves to replace traditional photo albums that collect dust more than they are enjoyed.

You can use it in any room you choose from home offices to living rooms, bedrooms, basements, kitchens, or any other room where they would be enjoyed the most!

Try one out to start and we promise that you’ll want more. These Custom Engraved Photo Light can also become cherished gifts to any loved one, any time of the year, for any occasion.

Quality tested by our co-founders, Timi shared “as consumers ourselves, we know what to expect when we see a product. And so right from the product pages, we have been transparent about everything” pointing out this as he tries to explain the philosophy behind authenticating this product and other products on the platform.

All customized Night Lights are 14.5 cm in height by 3.5 cm in width and are made out of a strong crystal clear piece of acrylic and basswood for the base. They have a push-button power switch that powers the night light and switches between 3 colors. Find out more about the features of the Custom Engraved Photo Light

You can choose to customize the Night Light between one to three individuals in the provided picture, including both people and animals. Maggie says that the process is as simple as “you send us your photo and then we are going to design it, customize your message, and send it to you.”

What makes this Custom Engraved Photo Light the product of the month?

Maggie says the customizable night light “develops a deep connection and meets the mission of My Heart’s Desire to bring excitement and joy to one heart at a time.” Whether for yourself or a gift to someone important to you, the customizable night light certainly does exactly that.

“We know that if we feel that way when we receive the product, that others will feel exactly the same way.” The criteria for future Product of the Month can be based on popularity, quality,  affordability, seasonality, and uniqueness, exceptional quality testing. 

At the company we are challenging ourselves to look for the best of the best products, and you can expect them to be featured every month or labeled as 'Our Favorite' on the platform while you shop.

Moving forward, anything that beats the Custom Engraved Photo Light will just state how special those products are as well..

Purchase this month's featured product here now.

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