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“We come from African families that tend to do a lot of prayers in the morning… and whenever we pray we ask God to grant us our heart’s desires” said Maggie Phiri, as she explained the inspiration behind the name of her newly co-founded business. 

"It is the core of what you want, spiritually. And we are translating that into the things that a potential customer would want. Those products that they would see and really desire” she explained.  

My Heart’s Desire is the latest e-commerce platform to launch this year and its goal is to feel like an online shopping mall; a place where customers can discover new and exciting products from trusted vendors all across the world. The company offers a range of products in categories such as beauty & wellness, home essentials, gadgets & accessories, pet supplies, and special gifts. 

"We want to be the company to link people up with those amazing affordable products that will make them really happy. To deliver joy to the world, one heart at a time” Timi Oresegun expanded. 

"As a company, our primary focus is centered around high-level curation, and authentication of products offered on the platform”
As the world is thrown into the ongoing chaos caused by the global pandemic, these two young entrepreneurs are determined to make a difference in the simple daily experiences, such as online shopping, that impacts people now more than ever before. 

“We want to create a platform that makes online shopping less of a hassle in people's everyday lives. To solve one common problem as everyone is forced to shop online with the lockdown and restrictions across the world” expressed Timi when speaking about the purpose behind My Heart’s Desire. “A platform where customers can find products they love, and a platform they can trust.”

With the continuing reality of online frauds, scams, and shopping scares, Maggie and Timi have experienced first-hand what it was like to be disappointed by an online purchase. 

“A lot of people don’t like how those online companies look,” said Maggie referring to online platforms and e-commerce websites that don’t feel secure. "People often say they spend countless hours reading through online reviews before making a purchase, however still fall into the trap of purchasing from a fraudulent company and receiving a fake product." she explained. Both co-founders want people to feel safe and comfortable shopping on My Heart’s Desire knowing that their payment information is processed securely and that they will receive a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product they purchased. 

“As consumers ourselves, we know what to expect when we see a product. Right from the product pages, we want to be so transparent about everything. If we realize that when we receive the products that it looks smaller than expected, we will let our customers know by making a note that the product in the image seems bigger than it really is” shared, Timi.

“That way they don't feel they received a wrong or defective product.” There is no more need to worry about fake vendors and ordering poor quality products.
“Furthermore, we have a policy of full-satisfaction. With that, our refund policy is not as rigid as other companies. We trust that most people are honest and that if they don’t feel that they received the level of quality that they should have received, then we don’t have any issue with refunding their money.” Timi explained.

He continued by saying “we believe that satisfaction over the long run will make them repeat customers. Holding on to that money they paid by creating very rigid return policies does not benefit anyone long-term.”

All that Maggie and Timi ask in return is for any unsatisfied customer to kindly donate the product which they received to a local charity or to recycle it so that any environmental footprint is decreased and for the situation to feel like a win-win for everyone.

“As a small company, we can’t afford the process of returns right now” Timi expanded on the reason behind their innovative approach to MHD's refund policy.

“Finally, we feel really big about elevating the community, supporting and giving back whenever possible. That is why we are committing 10% of our annual profits to philanthropic efforts and we plan on creating our own charity in the future, to help those around us and those farther away back home in Africa.”

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